Layer 8 Education

Bringing together education and technology.

Our Philosophy

As technology and the field of education change, we feel it is important to be adaptable, accommodating, and innovative.  The days of standing at the front of the room and lecturing are over.  Today’s great teachers are drawing connections between the students’ pop culture interests and the material being taught.  We no longer teach math facts; we will instead link what we are teaching to concepts like building your own drone.  We connect learning to technology in order to personalize learning in a variety of ways so students will engage with the material in a meaningful manner.  We grow through self-reflection combined with purposeful data gathering to measure the effectiveness of learning.  Once we have this new information we adapt it into our lessons and test for effectiveness.  We even go so far as to put learning in the hands of the students as we institute programs that allow for student-directed learning.  We are learners and teachers in one; we are educators, collaborators, innovators, and analysts.  We are all these things and more because we care deeply about our students and their growth.  We never stop iterating and improving our methods. That is what it takes to be an outstanding teacher.

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