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Educational Leadership

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Utopian Ideal School

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Open until filled

Our District



  • A genuine respect and understanding for the teachers and support staff
  • Memories of what struggles teachers face every day
  • The ability to be given criticism and new ideas without petty retaliation
  • The integrity to do what is right even when it is not popular
  • The fire to improve education with which you began your career


  • You will provide a learning environment that is focused on learning and be the architect of growth
  • Take ownership of failures as well as success
  • Be an example to your staff by including them in decisions that will affect their teaching
  • Work effectively foster growth by allowing failure if it adds to professional experience
  • Manage, supervise and direct the all staff in the building to work collaboratively without imposing meaningless administrative hurdles
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the needs of teachers by being in their classes and listening to their reflections
  • Establish and supervise the discipline of students that does not undermine classroom authority or kowtow to delusional parental grievances
  • Plan and manage building budgets that put learning above pointless spending that looks good to visitors
  • Implement and encourage everyone in the building to learn and grow by being an example of growth
  • Be humble, fair, and strong

Salary and benefits:  Regionally competitive in salary.  You will benefit from the respect and admiration of your employees.  You will nurture talented teachers and share in their successes.  You will take home a sense of pride in your school as it becomes the example that others aspire to.

Application Process:  Apply for the job because you can make a difference.  If you seek advancement by standing on the backs of others, you will only rise as high as they are willing to lift you.  Your reputation will be your résumé and your integrity will be your evaluation.